Our Trees...

Balsam Fir: is a very aromatic soft, short-needled, green conifer with good needle retention. This tree is 11 years old and is 7 to 8 feet high. 

Fraser Fir: with its own distinct aroma is a soft, short-needled, dark green conifer with excellent needle retention. This tree is 13 years old and is 7 to 8 feet high. We offer an excellent selection of sizes and widths (4 ft. to 12 ft.). 

Scots Pine:  Branches are very stiff and will support abundant decorations and relatively heavy ornaments. In fact, unlike most other Christmas tree species, Scotch pine tends to hold its needles even when the tree becomes very dry. This evergreen pine has a lovely dense bright green to dark green foliage. The Scotch pine's earthy fragrance lasts throughout the season. 


Netting Available.

We have helpers to assist you in cutting and carrying your tree.